About Us

Legal name - Online Digicareer Pvt Ltd

We are a company with values for life, vision for a future and a mission of growth. We believe that each and everyone on the earth is blessed with equal potential and so they must get the equal opportunity to grow as well.

In this competitive world, it is hard for everyone to get the same growth opportunity and because of that, many of us lives an average life and do not get what they deserve and want. We, with our values of equality, mindset for overall life growth, be it mental, financial or some else and with our offerings and opportunity, are working towards creating a future for everyone where everyone is supporting each other, helping each other to grow and everyone is growing by helping others to grow.

We believe in collaboration over competition and we are working towards creating this supporting environment with our values for life. Because we believe that’s how we can create this country with value where everyone helps everyone and contribute to the overall growth of the nation by growing themselves.



We want to bring the digital business revolution for the youth of our country by giving them the required skills and knowledge. through which our youth can shape their career and make fortunes.


Digicareer platform is on a mission in which we want to make a lot of people of our country financially free and we want to create 1 Lac young entrepreneurs within year.


Creating Digital India & Skill India

Financial Education

Financial literacy focuses on the ability to manage personal finance effectively

Learn At Your Time

Our courses are all online means you can learn at your convenient time of the day.

Fun Way To Learn

The more you involve with something the more easy and enjoyable it become.

Access Anywhere

Internet is everywhere, so you can go anywhere and carry the learning with you.

Simple Language

We use Indian English and Hindi to explain the subject and explain in a simpler way.