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At Online Digicareer Pvt Ltd, we prioritize operating within legal and ethical guidelines to provide a transparent, skill-based, and educational platform. This page explains the legal standing and compliance of our various services, including ReelSkill, our edtech platform, and our affiliate program.

ReelSkill: A Legal Skill-Based Game

1.Skill-Based Nature
o Emphasis on Skill: ReelSkill is a game that requires participants to use their knowledge and analytical abilities to predict which reel will have the highest views in the next hour. Unlike gambling, which relies on chance, ReelSkill rewards skill and strategy. o Informed Decisions: Participants make predictions based on available information and their analysis of the reels, involving critical thinking and expertise.
2.Compliance with Laws
o Legal Framework: ReelSkill operates in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations governing skill-based gaming. We regularly review and update our practices to ensure adherence to legal standards. o Transparent Operations: Our platform operates with transparency and fairness. We provide clear rules for participation, ensure the integrity of each session, and maintain a secure environment for all transactions.
3.No Betting or Gambling Elements
o Non-Random Outcomes: In ReelSkill, outcomes are determined by the participant’s ability to predict reel popularity, a non-random and skill-based process, unlike gambling, which relies on random outcomes. o Appropriate Terminology: We use "contest entries" instead of "bets," emphasizing the competitive and skill-based nature of our platform.
4.Passive Income Model
o Sponsor Income: Participants earn passive income by referring others to the platform. This income is derived from the contest entry fees of referrals, not from gambling activities. o Bonus Income: Randomly awarded gift income serves as a bonus for participation and engagement, not as a result of gambling.
5.Educational and Entertaining
o Enhancing Skills: ReelSkill enhances participants' analytical skills and knowledge of social media trends, offering educational value not found in gambling platforms. o Entertainment Value: Designed for entertainment, our platform focuses on fun and learning rather than financial gain through chance.

Online Digicareer Edtech Platform

1.Educational Courses
o Skill-Based Learning: Online Digicareer offers a wide range of courses designed to enhance participants' skills and knowledge in various fields. Our courses are developed by industry experts and aim to provide practical and applicable skills. o Certification: Upon completion of our courses, participants receive certificates that can help advance their careers and demonstrate their expertise.
2.Legal Compliance
o Accreditation: Our courses comply with educational standards and are periodically reviewed to ensure they meet the required quality benchmarks. o Data Privacy: We are committed to protecting the privacy and personal information of our users. Our data handling practices comply with relevant data protection regulations.
3.Affiliate Program
o Earning Opportunities: Our affiliate program allows participants to earn commissions by referring others to our platform. Affiliates receive a percentage of the sales made through their referral links. o Transparency: Our affiliate program operates transparently, with clear terms and conditions. Affiliates can track their earnings and performance through a dedicated dashboard.

Legal Compliance and Transparency

1.Compliance with Laws
o Regulatory Adherence: Online Digicareer Pvt Ltd complies with all relevant laws and regulations in the jurisdictions where we operate. We conduct regular legal reviews to ensure ongoing compliance. o Ethical Practices: We are committed to conducting our business ethically, maintaining the highest standards of integrity and accountability.
2.User Protection
o Secure Transactions: We use secure payment gateways and encryption technologies to protect user data and ensure safe transactions. o Customer Support: Our dedicated customer support team is available to address any queries or concerns regarding our services


Online Digicareer Pvt Ltd, through its ReelSkill platform, edtech services, and affiliate program, operates legally and ethically. Our adherence to legal standards, emphasis on skill development, transparent operations, and commitment to user protection ensure that we provide a legitimate and lawful platform for all our participants.
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