Refund Policy

Refund Policy

24 hours money-back guarantee following Conditions applicable:

1 . You must apply for refund within 24 hours, beyond of this period this condition is not applicable.

2. You Must complete these courses and implement in your blog / website / Social profile or marketing funnel etc. And you have to prove this (You are learning and Implementing) by giving us your website URL and funnel screenshot.

3. You must implement our courses learning in your blog/website / Social profile or marketing funnel etc. Without Implementation and experimentation, you are not getting any result. If you Implement and do not get any result then only the refund request is acceptable.

4. Results depend on your effort. After implementing everything that strategy we provide, if you not getting results then apply for a refund.

5. Business is completely free and optional, so if you do not pay anything (0 Rupee) for the business, there is not any refund policy applicable if you are not able to generate affiliate sales or not interested to do the affiliate business and we do not issue any refund in this case.

6. Courses and lessons might be boring but, If you feel lessons are boring or you already know some of or all the information that we provide through our recorded videos or weekly live video, we are not responsible for that. We only initiate a refund if our training and strategy did not give you any result after implementing our all strategies.

I) Refund Available Digicareer Bundle Courses

Our policy allows customers to request a refund for their purchase within 24 hours of the original transaction.
*Disclaimer* Please note that our company does not entertain refund requests after 24 hours of the transaction.
A payment gateway fee @ 2% of the paid amount and processing fee @5% of the paid amount will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.

Process for Refund Request

For the refund request, you need to whatsapp us at +91 73006 39258
And mail at . In the following format with registered email ID only-:
Full Name -
Registered e-mail ID -
Registration date -
Screenshot of Payment Invoice with date and time (You must have received on e-mail/message when you paid)
Reason for refund -
Note-: For the "Refund" you need to whatsapp us at +91 73006 39258 and mail us only at

Refund Cancellation Policy

Once you cancel your refund request, this claim will not be reversed in the future.

II) No Refund Available

No Refund will be given to the customer for the purchase of any package made by the customer directly from the Digicareer website "" or through the affiliate link of the person who referred him/her to the Digicareer website after 24 hours of the purchase under any circumstances.

Digicareer Premium

Digicareer premium subscription is non refundable that means once purchased, it can't be refunded under any circumstances whatsoever as per the company norms.

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